REAM Insurance Brokers

Registered Financial Services Provider

REAM Insurance Brokers (Pty) Ltd was established in 1988 and is a registered Financial Services Provider (FSP licence no. 1422). Over the past three decades, REAM has been providing specialised and tailored insurance intermediary services to clients throughout South Africa.

Our insurance services are available for both private persons and businesses nationwide. From individual vehicle and property owners to industrial, commercial, construction, earthmoving and professional practices.

Our niche insurance products are designed with the discerning individual in mind. This includes our renowned TUFFSTUFF 4x4 insurance product and TOPMARQ personal domestic insurance product. At REAM Insurance Brokers, we focus on providing cost-effective and specific insurance products that meet our clients’ needs.

Our areas of specialisation include:

  • Commercial and Industrial Insurance for businesses operating in industries such as architecture, agriculture and engineering.
  • Contractors All Risks Insurance for contractors specialising in domestic or commercial building construction, renovation and road works.
  • Yellow Metal Insurance for earth moving equipment and machinery.
  • Domestic Contents (TOPMARQ) Specialised insurance for domestic household goods and personal effects.
  • Domestic Buildings (TOPMARQ) Specialised insurance for domestic buildings and outbuildings, including fixtures and fittings.
  • Private Motor (TOPMARQ) Private motor insurance.
  • TUFFSTUFFSpecialist 4x4 vehicle insurance.

REAM would like to assist you with a unique insurance philosophy that provides financial protection against insurable losses. We will ensure the correct structure of insurance policies issued by Insurers, at affordable and realistic premiums, and provide ongoing support from professionally qualified and accredited Brokers.


REAM Insurance Brokers - "More Than Just Insurance Products”

Be aware of your vehicle's insured value

All too often one hears the common complaint that Insurers did not pay you out what your vehicle is worth after it has been written off. It must be remembered that your policy of insurance is a legal contract between you and your insurer and taking the huge amount legislation which governs and regulates our industry, together with the consumer protection act, insurers cannot be in a position to not honour the pay-out in strict accordance with the policy provisions; and this is where you must make your choices and take responsibility as to how you want to insure your vehicle and you have various options available to you. It is then on this value that insurers will charge their premium to you and settle any write-off claim.