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TUFFSTUFF 4x4 Insurance Product

TUFFSTUFF is a specialised 4x4 insurance product offering comprehensive cover to clients travelling throughout Africa, south of the equator.

TUFFSTUFF – it all started around a campfire in Botswana in 1991. At the time, no specialised insurance product was available to 4x4 owners who ventured into Africa. This is when Ream Insurance Brokers pioneered, designed and developed the specialised off-road insurance product as it is known in the market today. Since 1991, there have been a number of 4x4 insurance products which have come and gone, but TUFFSTUFF has continued to prove itself as an ongoing market leader and innovator in the field of specialist comprehensive 4x4 insurance.

TUFFSTUFF is an insurance product that caters for everyday family and general Urban commuting, but also includes the more adventurous use of your 4x4 when the urge grabs you. Call it what you like: off roading, over landing, 4x4-ing, or simply going cross country, if you are serious about the protection you want from your insurance policy then you need TUFFSTUFF. The historical success of this product has firmly placed TUFFSTUFF as the market leader in all aspects of outdoor lifestyle, 4x4 and all-wheel drive vehicle insurance products.

Over the years, Insurers have paid out many hundreds of millions of Rands for everything from bumper-bashers to write-offs by way of accident or theft. During this time, we have completed numerous successful cross-border recoveries under difficult conditions and many emergency airborne medical evacuations have been mobilised at all hours.

TUFFSTUFF is facilitated by REAM Insurance Brokers (Pty) Ltd (FSP licence no. 1422). TUFFSTUFF is underwritten by Western National Insurance Company Limited (FSP licence no. 9465). TUFFSTUFF is a specialised insurance product and registered trademark.

Browse the TUFFSTUFF website to learn more about TUFFSTUFF and what we offer.

Extensions included in TUFFSTUFF 4x4 Insurance

The following extensions may be included in a TUFFSTUFF insurance policy:

  • Comprehensive motor cover including Social, Domestic, Private, Professional and Business use (excluding hired out vehicles). Business use is subject to conditions.
  • Car Hire Cover is included following a claim under the policy up to an amount of 0.1% of the vehicles sum insured per day, but no less than R 265 (group "B” car) per day and not more than R 650 per day with a maximum of 75 days cover, but, limited to a total amount per claim not exceeding R 20 000.
  • Third party and passenger liability is covered up to R 10 000 000 (excluding hired out vehicles).
  • International Legal Assistance cover up to R 75 000.
  • Credit shortfall cover is included.
  • Vehicles insured on an agreed value basis for a period of 3 years.
  • Difference in conditions cover included.
  • The standard territorial limits – Africa, south of the equator, including the whole of Kenya.
  • Full Airborne Medical evacuation by qualified medical personnel while outside RSA back to the RSA, limited to R 250 000 per person and a maximum of R 1 000 000 for any one claim.
  • Guaranteed admission to top clinics / hospitals in RSA of passengers of the insured vehicle following medical emergency evacuation ? Limited to R 20 000 per person to a maximum of R 80 000 per occurrence.
  • Personal Accident Cover up to an amount of R 35 000.
  • Repatriation of the vehicle and its occupants, back to RSA following an accident or theft or mechanical or electrical failure of the vehicle whilst outside the RSA but inside any of those countries mentioned above but excluding Angola. Repatriation of vehicles from Angola will be conducted from the Namibia / Angola border only. Cover is limited to R 100 000 for any one claim. This extension excludes hotel accommodation.
  • All risks cover is included in respect of your motor vehicle radio, limited to R 10 000.
  • Mechanical and Electrical derangement of winching equipment following recovery of the insured vehicle is covered to a limit of R 20 000 for any one claim.
  • Loss of Personal Documents. The extension is limited to an amount of R 20 000.
  • Loss of keys to the insured vehicle is covered. The extension is limited to an amount of R 20 000.
  • Airborne assistance whilst outside RSA but within the territorial limits in respect of mechanical and electrical derangement including the failure of immobilising systems and security devices thus rendering the vehicle immobile is covered. Cover is restricted to the cost of airborne technical assistance and additional labour costs. The normal/standard labour cost as well as the costs of spares is for the insured's account. The limit is R 40 000 per incident.
  • Full off-road use (excluding competitions governed by time) in any of the aforementioned countries.
  • Emergency repairs whilst outside the RSA is limited to R 20 000 following an accident.
  • Trauma treatment following hijacking of the insured vehicle limited to R 10 000 per occurrence.
  • Emergency accommodation whilst outside the RSA limited to R 20 000 any one incident and to R 1 000 per person per night.
  • 24 Hour Roadside Assistance for mechanical & electrical breakdown within the borders of RSA.
  • Replacement of the insured vehicle following a total loss within the first 12 months of registration and provided that it has done less than 30 000km, subject to indemnity limit.

Vehicles Accepted by TUFFSTUFF 4x4 Insurance

The following vehicles are recognised under a TUFFSTUFF insurance policy:

  • Category 1 - 4x4's. This includes four-wheel drive station wagons and double cabs of all makes, with a diff-lock and low range option.
  • Category 2 - Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV's). This includes four-wheel drive station wagons of all makes with a diff-lock and without a low range option.
  • Category 3 - Lifestyle Utility Vehicles (LUV's). This includes four-wheel drive station wagons without diff-lock or low range options, as well as 2x4 double cabs with a diff-lock option.
  • Category 4 - Quads and Off-Road Motor Cycles.

NOTE: TUFFSTUFF requires that all vehicles be fitted with a VESA level 3 or level 4 immobiliser system or a factory fitted equivalent thereof.

Areas Covered by TUFFSTUFF 4x4 Insurance

TUFFSTUFF has the following territorial limits:

All of Africa South of the Equator but including the whole of Kenya North of the Equator.

Additional Services Provided by TUFFSTUFF 4x4 Insurance

In addition to comprehensive motor cover, TUFFSTUFF offers the following services:

  • 24-hour roadside assistance
  • International medical evacuation
  • Airborne technical assistance
  • Repatriation following accident, theft or hi-jacking
  • Emergency accommodation
  • Car hire following an accident or theft
  • International legal assistance while outside South Africa
  • Satellite phone rental

Why Use TUFFSTUFF 4x4 Insurance?

Here are a few reasons why you should choose TUFFSTUFF insurance:

1. Constant product development. Close relationships with the motoring fraternity and 4x4 community allows us to monitor developments in this field and bring about changes to our product, thereby ensuring the most comprehensive outdoor lifestyle policy for our clients.

2. Personal attention. We do not run a call centre, but rather choose to deal directly with our clients on a one-on-one basis. In so doing, we strive to develop a personal yet professional relationship with our clients.

3. Zero outsourcing. All aspects of the TUFFSTUFF experience are handled by our offices. From quotes and implementation of policies through to the handling and settlement of claims.

4. Qualified assistance. Our staff are professionally qualified and compliant with the relevant FAIS and FICA legislative requirements.

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